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Publishing house "Нова Книга" works on the textbook market in Ukraine actively and steadily. Today we have a reputation as a reliable and stable partner.

Subject Area of our Books

  • Medicine: General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy
  • Foreign Languages: professional language learning, translation, dictionaries, books for reading
  • Technical Sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Food Industry and Processing Industry
  • Music and Art

Business directions

  • equipping libraries of educational institutions of all levels of accreditation
  • cooperation with book-selling organizations
  • participation in book fairs and exhibitions
  • book by post
  • online bookstore

We guarantee

  • competent and friendly personnel
  • efficient and accurate order execution
  • regular renewal of the assortment

Book ordering

You can order and buy books on our website or in the publishing house office. Let us know about your order by mail, fax or e-mail, you can also make an order on the official website.

Postal address: 21029, Vinnytsia, P.O. BOX 7486
Telephone Number: (0432) 52-34-80, 52-34-82
Fax Number: (0432) 52-34-81
Mobile Number: (067) 656-26-50, (063) 527-01-78
Email: info@novaknyha.com.ua

We are ready for cooperation on mutually advantageous terms. And we are confident that if you come to us once, you will become our permanent partner!

Banking details

Private enterprise "Нова Книга"
EDRPOU code 23107516, Tel. No. (0432) 52-34-80
a/c number 26008055314627 in Vinnytsia region PJSC CB PrivatBank
Bank code 302689
ITN 231075102282
Common based income tax payer.
Legal address 21029, Vinnytsia, 20 Kvyatek st.