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Delivery and Payment


1. Delivery by “NovaPoshta” and “InTime” companies

This is the most convenient and fairly quick (2–3 days) way of delivery on the territory of Ukraine. 

A delivered good can be picked up in one of the company offices in your city or town (list of offices in your city/town NovaPoshta or InTime). In order to receive your parcel it is required to report the bill of the parcel (our manager will inform you with that) and carry your identity card (driver’s license or passport)

Attention: Cost of delivery doesn't depend on the number of books ordered. The parcel will be given to you only if you carry your identity card. The company may charge extra if you do not pick your parcel up in time. Please pick up your parcels in time!

2. Delivery by post

The most convenient way of delivery for clients who live on the territory of Ukraine. Time of delivery – 5–10 days. Cost of delivery is 35 USD. A parcel not demanded by the receiver for a month will be returned to the sender. The post may charge extra if you do not pick your parcel up in time. Please pick up your parcels in time!


1. Cash on delivery

You pay in cash at the post office of your locality after delivery. This payment method can be used in the case of delivery by Ukrpost (35 USD) and NovaPoshta or InTime (you can calculate your delivery fee on the carrier's website).

Attention: Please indicate your telephone number and our manager will contact you. 

2. Bank transfer into our account

After completing your order you will see an invoice for payment. You can print it out and pay it in any bank. If necessary we can send you a copy of the invoice to your fax or by post or with a parcel. You can choose any way of delivery in this case.

Banking details

Private enterprise "Нова Книга"
EDRPOU code 23107516, Tel. No. (0432) 52-34-80
a/c number 26008055314627 in Vinnytsia region PJSC CB PrivatBank
Bank code 302689
ITN 231075102282
Common based income tax payer.
Legal address 21029, Vinnytsia, 20 Kvyatek st.

3. If you are not satisfied with any of delivery ways, please contact us on phone

Fax Number: (0432) 52-34-81
Telephone Number: (0432) 52-34-80, 52-34-82
Mobile Number: (067) 656-26-50, (063) 527-01-78
Email: info@novaknyha.com.ua